Sunday, February 10, 2008

Perfect Convalescence

If a person has to be under the weather in sunny-even-in-winter Italy, they could do far worse than Antonella's beautiful home situated high in the Tuscan hills. I know Melissa has already commented on how great Antonella is, but we really can't say enough about her and her B&B. Not only were the views gorgeous, not only was our room (which consisted of dining area, kitchen, a large bedroom, and large bath) spotless and beautifully decorated, not only were the grounds landscaped meticulously, but Antonella was an amazing host! She baked me a cake, brought Melissa tea when she was sick, cooked me dinner, brought us homemade cookies, and would have likely made every other meal if only I'd allowed it, but gave us three bottles of wine as a gift upon our departure! Wow! Of all the places we've stayed, of which all were great, Mugello B&B was far and away my favorite. Thanks, Antonella. We'll be back, and next time we'll be healthy! Here's the link to her site (and here's the web address spelled out just in case,, if you need to book.

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