Monday, February 4, 2008

Off to Tuscany we go!

We're off to Tuscany today. We're not sure about internet access as it seems the further we get from London and Paris, the spottier technology gets. We'll try to post as much as we can though.

Only 8 days left... eeek! It feels so short compared to our trip so far. I keep having to remind myself that 8 days is usually how long our normal "big" vacations last. We've got 5 days in Tuscany, then it's off to Milan for the last couple of days. Good thing Milan is last... we've been doing so much walking my clothes don't fit anymore! Guess I'll have to buy some new stuff... sigh... tough problems...

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Rosie said...

JOHN & MELISSA!!!! i am so jealous of your fabulous european adventures. My dad just told me about your blog yesterday and i have quite enjoyed looking at all your fabulous pictures. And it makes me even more excited to know that i will be there next year. Yeah for you guys taking europe by storm and for being so technologically savvy and posting this blog. Have a good rest of your trip, and i cant wait to hear all about.
Caio, Rosie
p.s. i hope your french lessons proved to be helpful in Paris