Saturday, February 2, 2008

Spaghetti, gelato, and train trouble…must be in Italy.

Hello from Venice!

They have a saying in Europe, “Italian trains have two speeds, dead slow and stop.” We can now vouch for that. The first leg of our train (connecting in Milan), was so slow and delayed that we completely missed our transfer. Why they have such a reputation for being late but then schedule transfers 15 minutes apart is a question for another time. Anyway, the next train was so full from all of the people that missed their transfers, that it was standing room only… for 3 hours!

However, it actually tuned out great. We met 3 American teachers who are living in Genoa and teaching in an American school there. They were much more experienced than us where the train was concerned, and seemed happy to let us follow them around all day. Also, we originally weren’t going to get all of the way into Venice and we were going to have to grab a taxi after we got off the train. Turned out after all of the shuffling that we were headed to the station we originally wanted and probably, when all was said and done, arrived at the same time we would have if everything had gone according to plan. Plus the train ride was gorgeous along the French Riviera and then through Italy so the trouble was tiny in comparison.

P.S. Enough people got off the train after about ½ an hour that we got to sit down the rest of the way.

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