Wednesday, January 30, 2008

An interesting thing happened on the way to the chateau…

Our Aussie friends, Dave and Corina, related a great story. It concerns, the apparently inept, French boy scouts. During an orienteering exercise they circled around the chateau for hours upon hours. Eventually, Corina, tired of seeing them wander across her yard, drove a group of them to their destination. No sooner had she returned home, when another group arrived. Rather than sacrifice her day shuttling lost boy scouts, she gave the second group directions. Seemingly satisfied, they disappeared into the woods, but returned within a few minutes, having given up. They made themselves at home on Corina’s patio furniture, and she tried to go about her day, when their was a knock at the door. The scouts had decided to eat lunch, but apparently had forgotten the first rule of scouting be prepared. You see, they’d brought patĂ©, but had no bread to eat it with!

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