Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Miss us?

Sorry for the long absence.
It turns out, the farther south we go in France the harder it is to find an Internet connection. We forgive you if you thought we were swallowed up by a deluge of wine, cheese, and butter-slathered pastries. We forged ahead and came out happier (and strangely thinner) on the other side. We’ve come to believe that all food in Europe, London included, is better than in the states. For example, a tuna fish sandwich at the gas station (of all places), tastes better than when made fresh at home. Yogurt is richer than chocolate pudding, but somehow it’s good for you. And, did I mention they put chocolate, usually in the form of shavings, comes in 80% of their cereals? Finally I have found a country that understands me!

P.S. The picture is of our pet car, Buzz.

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