Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Somewhere in time…

One of the (seemingly infinitesimal) highlights of our trip was a journey to the small, medieval hill town of Le Crestet (not far from Vaison La Romaine). Despite being constructed sometime around 800 A.D., it remains largely unchanged today. In fact, not only is the cobblestone still in place, but the fountains still work. It is also still inhabited by some 35 people year round. Situated precariously on a large hill, it looks down over fertile wine fields and all the way to the French Alps to the north. It is still inhabited, if by only 35 very lucky people, year round. Walking its silent streets (we encountered only one other person the entire time we were there), was a surreal step back in time.

We found some great wine from Gigondas that is come home with us. Michael and Kristin, we look forward to sharing it with you. Art, it seems they keep the 100-point Coke & Diet Coke combo in Atlanta.

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kristin said...

So you're not bringing art any fountain soda from France ... too bad for him! Yeah for good wine. It's been fun watching your journey. thanks for sharing it with us.