Friday, January 25, 2008

John's a big, fat liar!

This morning we went to Versailles to see the hall of mirrors and all of that... more on that later. The real blog for the day is: John is a big, fat liar! Know why? Because he told me months ago, back when we were still in the states that the hotel in the Loire wasn't going to be that great and to be prepared to stay somewhere sketchy. He writes down all of the directions, and we start off in the rental car. Well, the directions are only 90% correct. The last 10% is him pretending like we're lost. Finally we pull up to this...Not exactly a "Motel 6" crackhouse. Turns out we're staying in an 18th century chateau built by a Prussian prince for his wife. She was a woodcutter's daughter from around here and always missed the area, so he basically bought it all. Here's our bedroom:

I hate roughing it. We're in the middle of nowhere, no one (except the family that owns the chateau who's from Australia) speaks a bit of English, but in the one restaurant in town we had the best meal of our entire trip. I'll post pictures of that too because who needs Versailles when there's food?

So the moral to the story is, John's a big fat liar... but I'm not complaining.

If you're ever in France, you MUST eat here (better than Paris and much less expensive):

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